EUREF-Talent Campus Düsseldorf

With the opening of the new EUREF-Campus in North Rhine-Westphalia, learning and teaching in a living lab for the energy transition, will now also be possible in Düsseldorf.

The climate protection goals can only be achieved if there are enough skilled people available to work in the field and that requires places for them to train. This is particularly critical as we transition towards renewable energy, which results in new curricular challenges.

The development of new study programs is a key element for the competitiveness of the industry based in North Rhine-Westphalia. In cooperation with the Ruhr University Alliance and the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences, and with the participation of the companies located on the campus, a range of Master programs is currently being developed. These programs create spaces for interdisciplinary approaches to adequately reflect the increasing complexity of future energy systems in teaching and training. Practical application is the primary focus.

Due to its location in the state’s capital and as a living lab for the energy transition, the EUREF-Campus Düsseldorf will create a bridge to the Rheinish Revier and the Ruhr region and become an exchange platform for business, science, politics and civil society.