A great day for the EUREF-Campus Düsseldorf. As of today, the CO2-neutral energy supply of the new lighthouse project for mobility transition, energy transition and climate protection is perfect. The EUREF-Campus Düsseldorf and Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG signed the corresponding contracts.
In attendance were Julien Mounier (CEO Stadtwerke Düsseldorf), Manfred Abrahams (CEO Stadtwerke Düsseldorf), Reinhard Müller (CEO EUREF AG) and Jörg Philippi-Gerle (Site Manager EUREF-Campus Düsseldorf).

Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG is involved as a strong partner and will supply the campus with its approximately 4,000 employees on the basis of a sustainable energy concept in order to immediately fulfil the climate protection targets for the year 2045.
Specifically, the Lichtenbroich quarry pond will be used in combination with heat pumps to cool and heat the campus buildings.
In addition, our environmentally friendly district heating and electricity from PV systems will be used on site. The remaining electricity requirements are covered by green electricity.

Reinhard Müller, CEO EUREF AG: “Today is an important day. The CO2-neutral and independent energy supply is the decisive factor for the success of the EUREF-Campus Düsseldorf. We are delighted to have Stadtwerke Düsseldorf as a strong partner at our side.”