The climate protection targets can only be achieved if the next generation of trained professionals is available. This is why the EUREF-Campus Berlin has been offering Master’s degree programmes directly related to the energy transition since 2012. A successful concept that we are exporting to Düsseldorf. The proximity of research, teaching and business on the EUREF-Campus is a win-win situation for everyone involved. In view of the shortage of skilled labour, access to talent for industry is becoming increasingly important. The cooperation partners of the EUREF Talent Campus include Schneider Electric, Convex Energy, Wilo, SPIE and EUREF AG.

We are delighted that Arcadis has now also decided to support the EUREF Talent Campus, the networking at the Berlin location and in particular the development of the study programmes at the EUREF Campus Düsseldorf.

Arcadis is the leading global planning and consulting company for the natural and man-made environment. Arcadis focuses on developing innovative and sustainable solutions to major global challenges. Areas of expertise include infrastructure and buildings as well as water and the environment.

Would you also like to become a partner and support the training of talent or find out more about the topic? Visit our EUREF-TALENT CAMPUS website. If you have any questions, please contact